Carter Hargrave Author and Director of Hargrave Martial Arts

Carter Hargrave is the Author of several non fiction martial arts books.

1. The Original Jeet Kune Do Training Manual - The best selling book on the martial art of the legendary Bruce Lee, having sold more than fifty thousand copies worldwide. The only book on Jeet Kune Do not by Bruce Lee to become a best seller. Combat Martial Arts Press

2. Japanese Kempo Karate Training Manual - The training manual for American Combat Kenpo Karate

3. The Entrance To Secrets Kenpo Karate Manual - The Advanced training book for American Combat.

4. Bruce Lee - Publshing Soon

Carter Hargrave was an assistant instructor at the Oklahoma Karate Academy  in Tulsa, Oklahoma , where he learned as well as  taught Tae Kwon Do, and a form of Korean Ju Jitsu known as Kuk Sool. It was at the Oklahoma Karate Academy  that a student of the Bruce Lee’s in California showed up to speak with the chief instructors of the School about him possibly teaching a Jeet Kune Do class. This chance meeting was an event that would forever change the fighting style for Hargrave, and more importantly the thousands upon thousands of his students that were to follow.

Hargrave approached the visiting Jeet Kune Do instructor and expressed an interest in the teachings of Lee, and Hargrave thought that would most likely be the end of it. A few weeks later a parent of one of the Kuk Sool students that Hargrave was teaching invited him to his home to meet someone. That someone was the same Bruce Lee School teacher, and as it turned out requested he arrange another meeting with Hargrave. Immediately upon his arrival at the students home, the instructor of Bruce Lee’s art known as Jeet Kune Do or JKD for short, asked Hargrave “I hear you are pretty good at Tae Kwon Do and Kuk Sool, so lets see what you've got” meaning lets spar. As Hargrave kicked and punched and moved about he did not really notice that he was not coming even close to striking the instructor. of Bruce Lee’s art known as Jeet Kune Do.

After a few minutes of this the JKD instructor said “Ok now are you ready to spar?” Hargrave remembers saying “I thought we were sparring” and the reply he received was “No, now we are sparring” as he threw Hargrave to the ground over and over without effort it seemed. He then asked Hargrave what he thought of the art he had been teaching for the last two years. “ I remember feeling at the time like I was completely unarmed, and felt a sinking sadness like I had wasted my time with my other training to be thrashed so easily”, said Hargrave. The Lee School instructor then asked if he would like to be trained in the new style to be one of his new instructors.

Over the next two and a half years Carter Hargrave would train and teach in the several styles of martial arts at the same time, Jeet Kune Do, Kempo Karate, Ju Jitsu and Gung Fu (Kung Fu). It was a very hard time in his personal and professional life. Hargrave was a Mr. Mom during the days taking care of two wonderful daughters ,and at night doing his training and teaching at his private sanctioned studio under the Jeet Kune Do Association that was founded shortly after Hargrave began his training in the style.

The hours were rough and the training was even more so. The creature comforts that most students know at commercial martial arts facilities were a distant memory. The training was grueling with no air conditioning in the summer usually working in the hot sun wearing the customary black combat attire, and the winters were well winter. The dojo / Kwoon had no windows and only a door for ventilation. One year after my training had begun we actually got a water cooler, so we could now drink semi cold water instead of the warm tap water. “The really fun part was that everyone was bigger than me so I had to pay constant attention or get my head handed to me, and sometimes you just got your head handed to you anyway.” “I am glad I went through the training though, it made me very hardened mentally in a way you dont find at most of todays schools. It was an instructor training school, not a student school.” “Regular students stayed for one class and they were gone.” “I could teach this hardened manor but I would go broke.” No one wants to put up with that much pain” “It was a joy fighting someone who outweighs you by one hundred pounds”, says Hargrave jokingly. “You gotta really want it bad”.

After the years and years of training Hargrave’s belts started turning black. He now holds seven in all. Tae Kwon Do (meaning way of punching and kicking) First Dan Black, Goshin Jutsu (Traditional Self Defense) Third Dan Black, Ju Jitsu (Gentle Art) Eighth Dan Black, Kempo (Fist Law) Tenth Dan Black, Kung Fu (Skilled Man) Eight Degree Black Sash, Arnis (Stick and Knife Fighting) Guro.

In 1992 Carter Hargrave founded the martial art style known as American Combat Kempo (Has also bee referred to as Combat Martial Arts in reference to the name of Hargrave’s first school). American Combat Kempo has been formally recognized as a system through numerous organizations worldwide, and many of its techniques were copied for US Marines training center program. Hargrave is known as Soke or founder of ACK and has the tile of Grandmaster. He is also Grandmaster in two other styles, Kung Fu and Ju Jitsu.

In after resigning from the JKD Association for moral reasons in 1992, Hargrave formed the World Jeet Kune Do Federation to organize and disseminate the teachings of Bruce Lee and to help bring students and teachers together in cooperation and good will. Soon afterword he would then form the World Kempo Association to help further combat aspects of the art of American Combat Kempo worldwide.

When it comes to Lee’s teachings, instructors and students there is a huge amount of political bickering and infighting that have paralyzed the style from becoming as popular as it should have been. The World Jeet Kune Do Federation was formed to be the only non political JKD association on the planet, and to this day remains the only non political organization many many years after its formation.

How can you tell if a group is political? “Watch what they say and what they do. If they are constantly talking trash and bashing someone or allow bashing to take place, they are a very political and divisive association and you should run far far away. We are all about teaching and spreading knowledge, peace, and harmony.

Granted its peace and harmony through superior fire power, but peace and harmony none the less.

“I do feel very blessed being able to teach martial arts full time as my career. In the real world there are so few full time teachers. I dont know of any in Kempo that teach full time and in Jeet Kune Do I only know of two others.”

Carter Hargrave is the father of two daughters, and has been married for nine years. He is a member of Asbury United Methodist Church and volunteers when needed to teach missionaries who travel to violent locations to help others.